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Land Use Law

Making the most of your property. Learn how we can help you protect your interests.

As a land owner, did you know that changes made to your property may be governed by a host of governmental organizations?  Putting up buildings, creating a subdivision, or changing the use of your property are likely to require appearances before planning and zoning boards and make your intentions subject to any number of regulations.  In fact, Zoning and Planning Boards require that corporations be represented by attorneys.  Over the years, Turp, Coates has also worked with hundreds of property owners to help them navigate federal, state and local regulations and requirements.

We’ll assess what approvals are necessary for you to move ahead with your project and help determine the probability of obtaining the necessary approvals.  We understand the ins and outs of:

  • Subdivisions
  • Site plans
  • Bulk and use variances
  • Ancillary approvals required by county and state agencies including NJDOT, NJDEP, county planning board and county soil conversation districts.

We also have significant experience working with landowners to preserve their property through a state program called Farmland Preservation which protects lands for agricultural use.   The state offers a number of incentives that can help landowners expand their existing operations, reduce debt or be part of their estate plan.

Farmland is preserved through:

  • Sale or donation of development easements
  • Sales of property
  • Eight-year preservation

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