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Family Law

Working out pre-nuptial, marital settlement, custody & child support agreements. Learn how we can help you protect your interests.

Did you know that in the US approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce and more than a half of those divorces occur when the husband and wife are less than 24 years old?  And unfortunately second and third marriages have an even higher divorce rate.  Splitting up is not only a difficult emotional process, it is also one where each party needs to protect their interests and define the relationship after the marriage has ended.

Family law covers a number of areas where an experienced attorney can help.

  • Getting Married: Marriages, Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships, Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Being Married: Adoption, Surrogacy, Domestic Violence
  • Ending a Marriage: Divorce, Spousal Alimony, Marital Settlement Agreements, Child Custody and Parenting Time, Child Support and Alimony, Living Together

How can we help you?